Refund Policy

 Issuance of a Refund

a. If an order is on hold due to an issue at website end and website management team has informed to the user regarding the issue, a user can request a refund

b. Once an order is started, it will not be refunded under any circumstances

c. A user can’t submit a request for completed order

d. A user is required to submit a request for a refund only from the same email which has been used for placement of order and mention order id for which one is requiring for a refund.

9) Prices and Discounts

a. Pricing of products and offering of discounts are the sole discretion of website management keeping in view various factors and may be revised time to time without any intimation

b. If a user wants a special discount, he/she will require submitting a request via email for the same, by mentioning order quantity before placement of order. According to order size and user history with the website, management shall decide special discount offer for a specific user one time only. If the user will not buy the product within given
timeline, the offer will expire without any intimation and the user has to buy a product on general price.

c. We deal directly with end buyers and don’t entertain resellers and don’t offer any special discount rates for them

10) Warranties and Claims

a. A user is required to submit a request for a refill if an order get defective directly to website management only

b. Website management is offering 6 months warranty to refill an order and if fails to do so, a refund in full/partial (which will be applicable) shall issue in lieu of same to the user.

c. Social media campaigns of our website are run worldwide to real users and it is not possible to force to real users not too unlike a post, video or content in the future. However, the 6-month warranty is applicable and we will refill the order